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Tuesday, 17 March 2020

Draughtsman Civil

1. Trade-name:- Draughtsman Civil

2. Course Length:- 2 Years Minimum

3. Qualification:- 10 + or +2

4. Ability Obtained:- 


(b). Drawing

(c). Estimating & Costing Of Civil Functions

(d). Drawing Programs by Utilizing Car CAD

(e). Making-of 3D sorts of Civil Functions

(f). Giving Line-out At Construction Civil Functions 

(g). Supervision Of Civil Construction Functions

5. Employment Alternative:- 

(a). Draftsman

(b). Land Surveyor And Surveyor are going to be Available In Organization Division & Central.

(c). Ammonia Printer In Railways, C.P.W.D., soldiers, T.C.P., P.D.A., P.W.D., H.U.D.A, Housing Board, Land Survey Study. 

(d). Private-sector opportunities are going to be As Draftsman, Building Supervisor With Architect, Engineer, Civil Contractor & Builder.

5. Self Employment Alternative:- 

(a). The Trance Will Probably Be Prepared to Independently Undertake Planning,'' Drawing,'' Estimation & Costing And Supervision Of Civil Construction Functions.

(b). he's ready to Discover Out His or Her Own Workplace for over Perform and Also to provide Civil Building.

Draughtsman civil
Fig.-Draughtsman civil

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